How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has been there for the life of my business. When my husband and I first started our franchise print shop, SCORE helped me with the details of how to look at my marketing and get orders. And with their help, we were able to build our business.

After several years, we needed to get our business to the next level, so my mentor suggested that I joined one of SCORE’s Business Owners Forums. These are Mastermind groups of my peers; business owners just like me, and we got together monthly to discuss and improve our businesses. There were many ideas that came out of the BOF for me that only small business owners like this group could understand to bring the right solution at the right time. Not only did we get many good ideas, but we also got the support necessary to take the risk to do the things that we needed to do, and a place to be accountable for making things happen.

 One day, while I was at one of the meetings, I noticed that our business was having its best year ever around mid-year. When asked why this was, I simply said “because I joined this Business Owners Forum”. They truly gave me the ideas, support, and accountability we needed to get our business to the next level.  Through this process, we were able to almost double our profits in 3 years.

 And when we decided it was time to sell our business, SCORE and the Business Owners Forum were also there, and they gave me the necessary answers and support to finalize our process of selling the business.

Truly, SCORE was there for the life of my business.

Ann Siburg

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