Have you ever been so frustrated that you wanted to whack something to bits and pieces? Simply Smashing takes that impulse and turns it into positive stress relief in a controlled environment. Clients are given a bat, lug wrench and golf clubs and enter a room full of dishes and electronics with the sole objective of smashing everything in sight. Safety is a top priority at Simply Smashing and the company provides cleanup services so clients can focus purely on their cathartic experience.

My successes. 

Owner Stephen Wilk successfully launched his business in Tempe, Arizona The Rage Release Room provides a unique way for people within his community to deal with difficult emotions.

How SCORE helped. 

Wilk met with SCORE mentors Richard Alt and Lance Thompson to gain insights on how to implement an overarching business plan. He was able to fill gaps in his knowledge on how to get a company up and running. “I needed experienced business people to guide and encourage me,” says Wilk. “They were open and candid.”

Simply Smashing Rage Release Room

My Mentors