Launching a business is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking things I’ve ever done! I remember when I was first getting started – there were so many questions and no one to ask. Or so I thought… With a little bit of research, I came across SCORE and was super excited that an organization such as SCORE even existed! I quickly called up the office and made an appointment. At that point of my business idea, I wasn’t even sure which questions to ask. Sometimes it just helped to talk things through and get feedback from someone that had a lot more business experience than me. My SCORE mentor was great at helping me out with various parts of my idea. We talked a lot about the website, the layout, the services I’d be offering, etc. Fast forward four years to today, and I’m ecstatic that is partnered up with SCORE and we’re able to bring awareness to this amazing organization through our Signature Events.

New and existing business owners alike can find guidance and help from much more experienced individuals who are all willing to share their knowledge. And the best part is that SCORE doesn’t charge for this service. One of the things I tell budding entrepreneurs is that they should bounce their idea(s) off people that are not their friends and family. Sometimes friends and family can be over-supportive and sometimes they can be over-negative. It’s crucial to get honest feedback and one of the greatest places to do it is through the SCORE counselors.

If you’ve been a part of SCORE, but haven’t experienced one of our Signature Events yet, then consider this your personal invitation!