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No Matter What, You Must Remain Flexible!

June 15, 2020,

One of the greatest challenges to success in business is to learn how to stay focused on your goals while remaining flexible enough to adapt to needed change.


What You Need to Know about the Customer Buying Journey

Understanding how our Customers Behave is not Simple. In this article we define consumer behavior, discusse various processes involved in consumer behavior, and describe how several psychological processes are related to our customer’s decision making.


How to Ride the Right Tide for Business Success

As small businesses begin to open up again , the business owner must look forward to creating future business or new ventures. Here is some advice from other entrepreneurs and business leaders.


How Your Small Business Needs to Change to The New Normal

What does the *New Normal* look like for your small business after COVID-19? An Organizational Change Practitioner gives timely business tips to help you cope with the change that has been thrust upon you.


Social Media Usage Is Up: How to Grow Your Following and Reach!

May 21, 2020,

With people stuck at home under the COVID-19 Pandemic Lock-down or “Social Distancing”, social media usage is up tremendously! Here's how to build your following and reach!


Don’t Neglect Your Social Media Marketing While on COVID-19 Lock-down!

April 13, 2020,

Now's the time to plan for recovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown and revive your economy! More people are using social media, now more than ever! Here are 9 things you can do now while you're stuck at home waiting for COVID-19 lockdown to pass.