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Latest Video Marketing Tips! Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

August 24, 2020,

With everything going virtual, video is becoming essential for every business who wants to market themselves effectively. This article provides tips and video marketing strategies to get more exposure, grow & get leads. By Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz


What is the Psychological Toll of Entrepreneurship?

August 17, 2020,

Being an entrepreneur and own your own business is part of the American Dream! However, when things like a pandemic hit, and the dream turns into a nightmare, even the most accomplished business owner can break down. Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor and business coach shares the signs to watch for....


You’re Not Fit to Lead: If Your Best Strength is Seeing Weakness

August 10, 2020,

You’re Not Fit to Lead: If Your Best Strength is Seeing Weakness -- by Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor and business coach. It's time to review your leadership skills and style!


Carve out the Time to do Your Marketing Successfully

August 3, 2020,

If you want new clients or customers, you need to continuously market your business. However, today's marketing is complex. Here are some time-saving tips to get your marketing done and be effective! By Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz for SCORE Greater Phoenix.


Can Leadership Training Help my Business’ Bottom Line?

July 27, 2020,

Does your leadership style need updating? Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor and business coach explains why the way you've been doing things, may no longer cut it.


Time for an Immediate Change in Your Life

July 20, 2020,

We all know it is time for a change. Time to change how we do business. Time for a change on how we treat others. Time for a change within ourselves. Certified SCORE Mentor and business coach, Steve Feld provides some great business and personal tips to help you adapt to our crazy changing world.


How Good is Your Customer Service?

A happy customer is key to a successful business! Here, Certified SCORE Mentor, Dr. Craig Shoemaker, Ph.D. explains what it takes to have excellent customer service in your business for growth and success.


Today’s Customer Service is Very Social

July 17, 2020,

In today's social world, a reputation can be "cancelled" in seconds. You really have to know your customers to be able to provide them the best customer service possible.


How to Become a Leader in your Small Business Community

It is time to marshall your leadership efforts and those of your employees to, not only help your business survive, but also to provide business leadership to other business communities, the hospital organizations the public in general.


How do You Write a Social Media Implementation Plan?

July 7, 2020,

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Social media marketing need not be overwhelming if you plan it out strategically. Here, Giselle Aguian, AZ Social Media Wiz explains how to develop a plan for your business.


Time Management is Painful: Successful Leaders do it Anyway

July 6, 2020,

Not enough sales, people problems, cash flow issues, etc. – are all symptoms – they’re all a call to face the discomfort directly and solve it first by making the time. Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor provides tips to better manage your time.


The Future of Shopping: Is Retail Absolutely Doomed?

June 29, 2020,

Is old-fashioned, shopping at a retail brick-and-mortar store doomed? Maybe, maybe not. Certified SCORE Mentor, Jim Lavorato explains what retail stores have to do to compete with digital ecommerce that's everywhere.