Small Business Resilience: SCORE is continuously working to ensure that small business owners have information to keep their doors open during and after any catastrophe.

Small Business Resilience

SCORE is continuously working to ensure that small business owners have information to keep their doors open during and after any catastrophe.


SCORE is here for you.

You are a small business owner, a leader who had the courage to take that first step to build a business and a future you believe in. A setback doesn't change that.

At SCORE, we know that disasters, economic downturns, and catastrophic events can bring unprecedented challenges to your business. That is why we're committed to providing you with the resources to empower you to make the best decisions for your company. What if the obstacle you are experiencing is your chance to grow stronger, more agile, and more successful than you've ever been?

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Mentors can:

  • Provide expertise & practical "know-how"
  • Help you optimize your business plans
  • Troubleshoot new strategies & ideas
  • Be your trusted small business advisor

Small Business Emergency Preparation and Recovery Resources


Supply Chain Disruptions: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

We break down why the supply chain is disrupted to better help you source products. Read more


Top Tips for Helping Your Small Business Survive a Disaster or a Crisis

These tips can help you get started by taking a step-by-step approach with the goal to survive and rebuild a business after any kind of calamity.  Read more

Recorded Webinar

Resiliency and the Recovery - How Small Businesses Can Adapt to the Trends Transforming the Workforce

This session explores current workforce trends and the strategic role employee benefits can play in the recovery. Read more

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Small Business Resilience Resource Library

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