Some people were born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth. Even then, becoming a millionaire is still quite an accomplishment. But people who start from nothing, and especially women who start from nothing, who make it to the top to become millionaires, despite the pay inequalities based on gender, the confidence gap, with nothing but grit, hustle, resilience, and “stick-to-itness”, are on a whole new level. We want to share those stories and inspire other women. In this interview series, we’re talking to “Self-Made” women leaders who started with nothing (i.e. started without investors or trust fund or capital or even people believing in them) and went on to create a million dollar business.

As a part of our series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carrie Simpson.

Carrie founded Managed Sales Pros in Canada at the age of 40, with a newborn daughter, no job and no savings. Founded in 2014, and profitable year one, Managed Sales Pros was a million- dollar business by 2016, achieving 625% growth that year. In 2017, Carrie built a call center in Las Vegas, NV. In 2019, she sold that company to a competitor.