How I can help you

Although I’ve worked in companies of all sizes and in several industries, my two best qualifications for you are that I've actually run  small businesses (both other peoples’ and my own) and understand how the pieces work, both individually and as a whole and with SCORE, I've worked with 100+ startups and established entrepreneurs.

I operate in plain English and I’ll explain and decipher whatever terms and documents might be confusing. There are no dumb questions.

What you get from me:

New business feasibility: Can your idea fly? How to assess.

How to creating a SIMPLE, USEABLE business plan.  Don’t get discouraged by what you see online. These need not be long and complicated (but they are necessary).

Estimating cash/investment requirements

How to make sense of the chaos: You may have heard lots of terms and gotten lots of advice on how business works, and what to do, and now you’re head is spinning, I’ll make all that make sense for you.

Understanding basic accounting and financial reports IN PLAIN ENGLISH!

Troubleshooting existing businesses.

Operating issues: identifying key processes, setting standards, measuring performance, making corrections,

Basic ecommerce/internet marketing: What part should it play in your business, where to start, what should it cost to set up, etc etc..

If you’re not sure I’m the right mentor for you, send an email and we can clarify things, or I can refer you to someone who’d be a better fit.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Business Operations
  • Human Resources & Internal Communications

Industry Experience

  • Home or Personal Maintenance Services
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Technical & Scientific Services
  • Professional & Business Services


B.S. Psychology & History, M.B.A. University of Illinois

Richard Broudy

Communication Methods

  • In Person
  • Video