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Jeff is an extremely patient person that genuinely wants to help small business entrepreneurs.

He believes that mentoring is a form of coaching, and as an accomplished coach he can begin with those that are just getting started, work with those that are immersed in their businesses that want to improve business efficiencies, all the way through to those who seek an exit strategy.

Jeff is attentive to learning about the subject business so that he can provide the proper guidance to really help.  He has great vision in the areas of: buying a business, the operational process, managing expenses, sales, marketing, reaching performance goals, most areas of finance, understanding what the financials are saying about the business, how to value a business, and the process of selling a business.  As a small service business owner / entrepreneur that has purchased a business, operated businesses, and sold a business, Jeff understands the challenges of taking over a business, operating a small business (often on a limited budget), that it often requires juggling a myriad of tasks, and that the ultimate goal is to have a healthy business that achieves profitability.

As a former business intermediary he evaluated companies and offered business valuations. He has keen perspective and the ability to recognize potential opportunities often with a simplified course of action.

Having started as well as having purchased an existing small business, Jeff is an entrepreneur that has experienced the trials and tribulations of owning and operating small service businesses.  His businesses have also experienced difficult times and he was able to successfully navigate those businesses through those challenging times and ultimately achieved outstanding success.

Hiring & managing people, handling the finances & purchasing, and experience selling to small businesses to very large notable public companies have all yielded to his success. Winning government bids and procuring contracts for the federal government to local municipalities has also attributed to Jeff's success.

Jeff has great insight and is sure to offer a valuable nugget(s) in the form of ideas and guidance that if applied are sure to propel your business &/or make it more profitable!

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Business Operations
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Industry Experience

  • Professional & Business Services


BS degree in Sociology from Arizona State University

Jeffrey Turell

Communication Methods

  • In Person
  • Phone
  • Video