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Broadening Horizons: Independent Contractors

Because independent contractors are a specialized class of worker, however, you just want to remember to follow certain legal guidelines as you sign them up for projects. Read more


How to Get Big Results with a Tiny Marketing Department

March 8, 2019,

You can beat your competitors, even if they have much larger marketing teams. You just have to be smarter than they are. Here’s how.


21 Inspiring, Kick-in-the-Pants Quotes for Entrepreneurs

March 7, 2019,

Balancing life, money, employees, customers, vendors and the day-to-day tasks can take its toll. Here are 21 quotes to get you reinvigorated.


A Matter of Type: Your Business Entity

Your business entity choice will then come down to a few factors: taxes, liability and business records. Read more


Nonprofit Purpose and Tax-Exempt Status

March 7, 2019,

For many nonprofits, tax-exempt status is everything. The first step in obtaining tax exemption should be defining your nonprofit’s purpose.


How to Choose a Tax Preparer

No matter what your scenario, there comes a time when you should consider hiring a professional tax preparer. Read more

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What Small Business Owners Should STOP Doing to Stay Sane

March 5, 2019, 2:00pm EST

This webinar will identify four key areas where a business owner can shift priorities to improve profitability and relieve time burden from daily activities. Read more

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Protect Your Secrets: The Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) helps keep your business’s private information under wraps so that you’re the only one who capitalizes on your inspiration. Read more


Covering Your Back: The Buy-Sell Agreement

Investing a little time and energy into what’s known as a buy-sell agreement can create rock-solid protections for your business in the face of life’s many changes. Read more


10 Reasons to Keep an Active Business Blog

March 2, 2019,

Maintaining a business blog is just as critical. Here are reasons you might want to use that expertise to keep your business blog active.