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The 2021 Hiring Crisis and What to do About it

Are you having trouble finding qualified employees? Here are some tips to help you determine if you really need them. By Steve Engelhardt, Certified SCORE Mentor


Admit It! You Don't Know What You Don't Know

May 3, 2021,

You have to admit it, there are many things about running a small business that you don't know. Here are some tips as to where to get the help and knowldege you need for business success


Can your Facebook Page Initially Serve as your Website?

April 26, 2021,

Your budget is tight. You don't have money for a website. Can your Facebook page, or other social media profile, initially serve as your Website? An expert has the answer.


How to Understand Your Target Market for Marketing Success

April 19, 2021,

Understanding your target market is a key, foundational step for small business owners to have successful and effective marketing efforts. By Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor and Business Coach


What you Need to Know about Creating Buyer Personas

April 5, 2021,

Before starting any marketing, clearly define your target market and create buyer personas. Here's what you need to know on how to do this.


Employee Engagement: Are Your Employees set up for Success?

March 22, 2021,

Are your employees "engaged" in your business' success? Here are 12 simple indicators of an engaged employee. By Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor and business coach.


10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!

March 15, 2021,

Social Media is where your business needs to be if you want new customers. You either have to embrace it, or get left behind in the dust. Here are the 10 common social media marketing mistakes made by most newbies to the world of online marketing.


Time is Money: Tips on How To Make the Best of it

March 8, 2021,

Everyone is given the same amount of time each day. It is up to us to manage this time as we would any other precious, nonrenewable asset. Here are some tips to help you with time management....


How to Master the Art of Managing for Business Success

March 1, 2021,

Great managers solve problems. Before you can solve problems, you need to identify them. This article by Steve Feld, Certified SCORE Mentor and business coach, guides you through 9 areas to help define the problems.