Small business owners are resilient and can power through this challenging time, with SCORE by their side.

SCORE is here to help your small business survive, recover and thrive.

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit, we’ve all been in unchartered waters with health concerns and dramatic changes to our routines. But small business owners have faced the added disruption of their businesses and livelihood.

Many small business owners resourcefully adapted. Others wait to restart their business. Some need more assistance than ever.

The focus for many now shifts to recovery, with the reopening of the economy and lift of social distancing restrictions. Our 10,000+ expert mentors are here to help your small business every step of the way. 

Preparing to Restart Your Business  

You’re thinking about how to restart your business as the economy and states start reopening. However, there are still questions—how to stabilize your finances, how to adapt your business, and how to remain strong through this stressful period.

That’s where SCORE can help.

We’ve assembled resources to answer your common questions, so you can find the best path forward.

Please check back frequently for updates as we are adding resources regularly.

How can I get funding and financial assistance?

Financial stability is on every small business owner’s mind. From small business loans and funding options to cash flow management, we have resources to help you fortify and rebuild your financial stability during this difficult time.

Get Financial Assistance

How should I adapt my business?

Today’s changes can be challenging, but they can also open new opportunities. Pivoting your business might be a door to lasting growth beyond managing through the current crisis.

Adapt Your Business

How can I stay connected with customers?

Your customers are stuck at home, so maintaining contact with customers can be difficult, to say the least. Ramping up online marketing and sales strategies can help keep your business top of mind and even attract new customers.

Connect with Customers

What changes do I need to make for my line of business?

The coronavirus has affected industries in different ways. Restaurants and retail businesses have had to shutter locations or reduce their offerings, while everyone has shifted to more online operations.

Browse Industry Resources

How should I manage my team?

Your workers may be struggling, so your leadership can help them through this stressful time. Whether they need advice on adjusting to remote working or on wellness and safety, your role as a leader is more important than ever.

Manage Your Team

How can I prepare for future challenges?

You’re in the midst of the biggest hardship in the life of your small business. But we are here to help you survive—and thrive. Growing successfully means planning for possible future risks.

Prepare for the Future

Where can I get more coronavirus resources?

As the saying goes, “Information is power.” Here are some of the most valuable, trusted resources for more information relating to small business coronavirus support.

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