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Does Company Culture Count?

January 3, 2017

Culture first gained a foothold in business through Peters and Waterman’s “In Search of Excellence”. They identified culture as an organization’s strong and sustaining systems of beliefs. Perhaps a simpler way to think about culture is in terms of how an organization makes choices, develops it values, its ethics how it trains, recognizes and rewards its associates, its spirit, and not to be overlooked, how it treats its clients and customers. More simply put, culture is the ideology of the organization.


Turning Conflict into Agreement

January 3, 2017

In any organization that has two or more individuals there is likely to be conflict from time to time.  In any successful environment there is bound to be conflict, disagreement, and promotion of disparate ideas.  Where there is creativity, there exists the chance of conflict. There are some guiding principles that, if applied effectively will result in positive outcomes.


7 Keys to Employee Commitment

December 31, 2016

Really good employees, have ideas, do more than their “job” requires, take responsibility for what goes right and what goes wrong, and are motivated to do their best. These committed employees  respond positively to the following 7 keys to employee commitment: