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Save Money on Healthcare During Open Enrollment

December 29, 2016

For coverage starting in 2015, the Open Enrollment runs from November 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015. If you’re a young tobacco-free whippersnapper, your rates will be the best. If you’re not, there are tips that might save you some money.


4 Benefits of Selling Online

December 22, 2016

Here, the author shares how to make money online ethically and with great customer reviews.


Perla Salinas – SCORE Mentor – SBA Lending, Banking & Finance

December 13, 2016

Perla Salinas joined Greater Phoenix SCORE in 2014. She started her banking career in 2004 in the area of loan operations and credit analysis. To date, Perla specializes in Commercial Banking and is currently managing a $50MM+ commercial loan portfolio for National Bank of Arizona.


Video: Family Business Succession & Key Employee Retention

December 7, 2016

If you have a family-owned-and-operated, andyou’re a baby boomer, you need to start thinking about who’s going to run the business when you retire. Something to remember: your style of doing business may be different than those of a Gen-Xer or a Millennial.