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Starting A Franchise

January 5, 2017

There are a lot of sources out there that will tell you how to start a franchise and eventually how to run one. So, how do you start your search? Too much information almost makes decision-making worse. Here we’ve outlined some resources for those looking to open a new franchise.


Entrepreneurial Perseverance

December 25, 2016

Here, the author will share how to not give up when it seems next to impossible to continue.


Spotlight: Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce

December 10, 2016

Greatest Phoenix SCORE helps veterans to start and grow their businesses. This blog is a good introduction to collaboration between SCORE and Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce


Do You Want 60% More Revenue in Your New Business?

December 7, 2016,

Some prospective business owners may ask, “Why should I invest in a franchise business when I can open my own independent business in the same industry?” The implication is that the first time business owner can do just as good a job opening their independent business as the franchise system does in opening its new outlets. And, since an independent business doesn’t pay royalties the novice independent business owner will put more money in their own pocket.