by Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you have till April 21st to get it that way!

On April 21st, the Google search engine is changing their algorithm yet again. If a website is not mobile friendly, that is it looks good and can be navigated easily on a SmartPhone or a tablet, it will lose Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings!

Yes! Your website will be demoted in Google search!

Is your website mobile-friendly? How do you know? Click here to test your site.


If it’s not, you have a few choices.

  • If you have a WordPress site, switch to a “Responsive” theme (there are many free ones) or the WordPress plugin, JetPack that has a mobile enhancing feature. JetPack is free and the quickest fix.
  • Contact your web designer to have them do an update.
  • If you need a new site, contact the folks at GoDaddy and they can help you. (GoDaddy is a SCORE Strategic Partner and sponsor of SCORE’s newsletter.)

Why such a major change?

Here are some stats from eMarketer:

Not convinced yet? Click here to read more mobile related data articles on eMarketerHere is some more information on Mobile SEO from Google and ablog post on Google’s blog.

SCORE is planning seminars and more articles on mobile marketing. Stay tuned!

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