A South Carolina Congressman told CSPAN earlier this year, that “the clearest indicator of future performance was behavior today.”

coronavirus protection you need to include as your business reopens The Covid-19 pandemic has created an apprehension in small businesses that has not been seen before. The awakening to an invisible virus that affects all aspects of our lives has been a wake up that the normal “risks” encountered in small businesses is really small compared to the prospect that lives may be lost if we don’t take the virus seriously.

As businesses prepare to reopen across the United States, we as business owners and small business practitioners must revisit the critical success factors in our own businesses and in the business community.

After studying project manager and project team performance for over twenty years, I have realized those same factors influence performance in small businesses. I’ve come to the realization that behavior is the most identifiable and substantiated contributor to success. 

Types of Behaviors...

I have written about a few of these behaviors in several SCORE articles from January and February of this year.  Among them are the following:

  • Sharing information and key contributors to success with other business team members and the business community as a whole.
  • Working in diverse groups within the business to create innovative solutions to business scenarios.
  • Promoting stories shared within the organization by workers whose interaction with customers reveals key insights about the business.
  • Benchmarking the internal processes of your business with those of a competitor or fellow member of the business community to reveal process improvement.  I have talked with several small aerospace manufacturing firms in Phoenix who have collaborated with other similar companies to evaluate processes and distribution channels.
  • Incorporation and identification of Industry or Internal Best Practices which can strengthen the actions of the business to succeed. All processes have the capability to be improved if we look for where results are lacking.
  • Showing empathy to other workers who have been affected by the pandemic.
  • Fostering clear and concise communication with in the business which can promote smooth working relationships. And clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Listening attentively to customers who may have special needs during the pandemic.
  • Developing a resilient mindset which utilizes yor creative subconscious powers to move your business ahead.

These are but a few behaviors that can yield exceptional performance for your business.

SCORE Mentors are always available for counseling special coaching on business, financial and legal issues.  Keep a positive attitude and best of luck!!!.

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As You Reopen, Know that Behavior is Important in Being Successful