When I first started my business, I advised clients to connect their Twitter accounts to their Facebook business pages so that everything that you post on Facebook gets tweeted out at the same time. Hit 2 birds with 1 stone. That worked great. Twitter takes the first 80 characters of the Facebook post then creates a shortlink either back to Facebook or directly to the shared post.

Now you need to disconnect Facebook and Twitter.

If you don’t write a comment on the post, on Twitter you’d see “…. shared a link on Facebook.” Same thing when you post a picture. Yes, it looks silly on Twitter, but it saves so much time!

Now that Twitter isn’t just text posts any more and they are featuring pictures (they’re competing with Facebook for ad dollars), having the two connected hurts rather than helps.

The only pictures that show up nice on Twitter are ones uploaded directly to Twitter or through TweetDeck, which is a Twitter product.

Some pictures shared from any third party platform like HootSuite, Facebook, Buffer, etc. only shows a link also.

So if you want eye-catching images on Twitter, take a few extra clicks and upload it right. That’s why I love TweetDeck. You can upload pictures and schedule them to post in the future. Can’t do that on Twitter directly.

Here are free Twitter and TweetDeck how-to videos. And there are more free social media class on my YouTube Channel! Subscribe today!

Why you Want to Disconnect Facebook and Twitter This is how a picture should appear on Twitter.

To unlink them, go to and disconnect them.

Social media needs to be taken seriously. You’ll appear foolish if you don’t learn how to use these platforms properly. You’ll waste time, money and you’ll not gain followers. It’s your online image. No matter what your purpose is for being on social media, you need to see how it appears to others – especially your potential clients.

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Why you Want to Disconnect Facebook and Twitter