I get asked this a lot — which social media network should I use most or first? My answer? It depends.which social media network should I use?

There are thousands of social networks out there! No, you don’t need to be on all of them – at least the top 4: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter – definitely. Instagram and Pinterest maybe – depending on your business and your target market(s).

Consider the Social Media Networks as Free Billboards to Promote your Business!

Now, depending again on your business and who your target market is, you spend more time on the ones where you target market hangs out. If your business is more Business-to-Business (B2B), then you will be focusing more of your time on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’re more Business-to-Consumer (B2C), then you’ll focus more on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Having strategic and tactical plans helps you plan out your campaigns.

Twitter also helps with SEO, brand awareness, driving traffic to your website and reaching the masses.

Use YouTube, if you can and will produce how-to and educational videos on a regular basis.

Don't set up accounts on networks that you're NOT going to use regularly! It hurts your reputation if someone lands your profile and sees that you've posted nothing or the last post was 2 years ago. 

Another factor is which social networks are driving traffic to your website.

At least once a month you need to check your website’s site statistics and analytics to see which networks are referring the most visitors to your site. This is assuming you are blogging at least 1-3 times a week, depending on your business/industry. If you have a WordPress site/blog, get the free, Google SiteKit plugin, which connects to Google Analytics. Every other platform should have a place for you to connect to your Google Analytics.  

Think of all these networks as free billboards to showcase your products or services. 

Use the free graphics tool, to create the cover graphics for each network. They have all the templates. They should be a continuation of our website. Branding shoudl be consistent througout. This of it this way, if someone gave you a free billboard on the corner near your office, you’d want it to really look good, right? If you're not graphically inclined, you may need to hire someone

One more important factor many businesses miss is the website. 

You want to generate leads and traffic to your website – how are you capturing those leads? Is there a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) like: “Download a free ebook or whitepaper” or “Subscribe to our Newsletter and get...”. Furthermore, it should be prominent on all your pages near the top on the main site and blog! Put it at the bottom of each blog article, too! If this is not set up, you will lose leads and that’s counter productive. Make sure you have your social media share and follow buttons near the top also.

If you don’t make it easy for visitors to your site to do what you want them to do, they won’t do it!

Social Media can be very overwhelming, but if you start with a strategic plan and a tactical plan, and you take time to learn how each network works (think of them like new software programs), and learn how use free tools like HootSuite, Sendible, TweetDeck and Feedly, you can, once you’ve built a following, manage your social media in 30 minutes a day! 

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Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

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Which Social Media Network Should I Use to Market my Business?