Arizona’s tech sector is booming. It’s attracting top professionals from across the IT industry who’ve decided to make the move southwest in search of the sun and a new career path. The increase in tech talent is also opening the door for more business who are looking to move to the Copper State. 

Currently, over 8,000 tech companies operate across the state, providing new opportunities for tech professionals to earn a better pay packet and explore new sectors in the industry. 

Scottsdale Waterfront by Flyer84 Scottsdale is currently manifesting itself as the latest tech hub and tops the list as the number one city that job seekers would move to in the US, as well as the number one place to relocate your business to or launch a startup.

There’s a good reason Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area has become the go-to place for many businesses, and its flourishing startup scene has played a significant part in that. More than 2,100 startups have chosen Arizona as their home, and this entrepreneurial drive has paved the way for the creation of 168,000 jobs in the sector alone. 

Arizona is forecasting a state-wide employment level growth of 1.7% by 2026, and a lot of this will be down to tech companies migrating to the area and new companies launching in the Greater Phoenix area.

Overall, the tech industry has contributed over $28.5 billion to the economy of Arizona. Not only does this help the state become more recognized as an established hub for new and innovative technologies, but it also opens your business up to increased success and growth thanks to a highly skilled workforce. 

A report from the Arizona Technology Council highlighted a significant rise in the number of tech roles in the state and the current demand for new science-minded employees to fill all the vacancies newly founded organizations are creating. 

Available tech talent to fill these newly created job roles also looks as though it won’t be receding any time soon, either. According to the National Census Bureau, over 262,000 people moved to Arizona from other states in 2017. What makes this statistic more striking is that 59,233 of these were from California—the home of Silicon Valley. 

Your business will have talent flocking from other states to join you, and, to keep the ball rolling within the tech sector, there has been significant backing from universities and already established businesses in the Greater Phoenix area to fuel the growing ecosystem and help it to thrive.

The Greater Phoenix Area also has the advantage of being relatively close to California and the West Coast's tech ecosystem as well as being just a few hours away from the Mexico border. A pro-business state, Arizona targets growth incentives towards small businesses through the Arizona Step Grant and 75 incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces. 

This extensive market access gives business the chance the reach nearly 40 million consumers through state transport links. The Copper State also offers one of the lowest costs of doing business in the US, cutting the national average by 1.5% and offering a cost of 32% less than California. 

With 25,000 businesses calling Scottsdale home, and Arizona experiencing a 1.38% growth specifically in the IT sector, the state ranks as the second best place to work in the Southwest. There is still room for development, and the tech industry is showing no signs of slowing down. 

This continued accelerated growth makes Greater Phoenix—and Scottsdale in particular—prime real estate for businesses looking to expand their operations and organizations that have the skills and expertise to find the right IT professionals to fill the vacancies they’re advertising. 

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President of the Americas, Frank Recruitment Group
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