I asked 73 business owners what is your number one struggle as a business owner.  Can you guess what the answer was?  How would you answer this?

  • 68 of them said ‘marketing’.
  • 5 of them said ‘time management’.

Which leads me to this question – do we “REALLY” know what we struggle with?  Until we truly know and understand our struggle how can we fix it or look for a solution?

Let me get to what I mean…

If you had said “Yes, Marketing is my number 1 business struggle” I’d like to know your definition of marketing! 

  • Is it the need to meet new people? 
  • Is it the desire to have a follow up system? 
  • Is it you are not reaching out to existing clients? 
  • Is it social media and knowing what to put out there? 
  • Is it the need for a brand and developing that? 
  • Is it printed materials? 
  • Newsletters? 
  • Working blogs and or websites? 
  • Is it vendor events? 
  • Networking meetings? 
  • Looking for speaking and or presentation opportunities? 
  • Is it closing the sale issues and or even prior to that is it the need to figure out how to present the opportunities and solutions your business model provides? 

If Marketing is your number 1 struggle – truly what or where is the struggle?  How can you say Marketing is the struggle and EVER hope to find a resolution for it?

Oh – I bet you know what I’m going to say in regard to time management now don’t you?

I am going to type it out regardless. 

  • Is it the lack of goals? 
  • Is it no priority system in place? 
  • Is it your day is not planned and therefore you waste time wondering what you should be doing rather than doing? 
  • Is it the fact you are not focused and therefore yes that phone notification wins every single time and sucks up your day checking to see what it is?  Is it biting off more than you can chew? 
  • Is it those on your team or staff not doing as they should and are not properly guided causing you more work? 
  • Is it unrealistic expectations of yourself? 
  • Is it your inability to outsource? 
  • Is it your lack of drive and truly not putting in the ‘time’? 
  • Is it lack of discipline?

If Time Management is your number 1 struggle – truly what or where is the struggle?  How can you say Time Management is the struggle and EVER hope to find a resolution for it?

Somethings to think about – We cannot fix/resolve/solve a ‘problem’ in our businesses using broad strokes because the repair is always going to be a ‘fine’ point.  We need to ‘fine’ point the issue!

Keep Working the GAP between where you are and where you want to be!

About the Author(s)

Cheryl Clark, Business Coach

Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Cheryl worked for Chrysler Canada for over 15 years, owned an entertainment magazine, and fell in love with sales/marketing and technology! She has been in Arizona for over 15 years and has successfully assisted an air conditioning company from making $374,000 in sales to $1.8 million in less than 5 years.

Business Coach, Working the Gap
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