What is Intellectual Property and Why You Need to Know There are 4 types of Intellectual Property (IP). As a business owner, whether you've come up with the next best mousetrap, you're bottling grandma's secret recipe pasta sauce, or you're creating content like blog posts, ebooks, podcasts or videos, you need to know how to protect your creations or Intellectual Property. Check out the local classes that we have coming up for IP and how to protect yours. 

This video explains these 4 types of Intellectual Property:


 The 4 types of Intellectual Property are: 

  • Patents: The right to exclude others from making your product. There are 2 types of patents: 
    • Utility Patent
    • Design Patent
  • Trademarks: A symbol, word or words representing a company (your company name or slogan)
  • Trade Secret: A technique used in manufacturing a product (grandma's secret recipe)
  • Copyright: Exclusive right to print, publish or record (not the right to copy!)

IP law is a complex subject and if you want to do it properly, you should consult an attorney who specializes in IP law. However, if you're not sure, you can first talk to a SCORE mentor for free.

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Intellectual property type: Patent: Harley's 1924 Motorcycle Patent source: Wikimedia Commons