With 2018 being as unpredictable, yet eventful, as it was with regards to Social Media Marketing, here’s what experts foresee for 2019. Now, remember, when it comes to technology and the digital world, we really don’t know who’s going to come up with the next great idea or who’s going to fail. So, the best thing to do to keep up with all this stuff – and you have to in order to be successful with your marketing efforts – follow some of these folks on your favorite social networks or subscribe to their blogs.

Here are 8 Major Social Media Marketing Trends to Look for in 2019

1. Video Marketing – in fact, all visual marketing – is the top, most effective form of digital marketing for 2019. I cover it in more detail right here.

2. Pinterest2019 is the “Year of the Man” on Pinterest that started out as a site for moms. Amazing, right? Well, think of men’s fashion, which is important to millennials. How about stay-at-home dads? Then you have the DIY and home improvement enthusiasts. And of course, men's health. Pinterest used to be 80% women. It’s down now to 70% women and 30% men.

This goes to show you that social networks evolve with the times – and your marketing should, too!

3. Instagram – Many folks are using Facebook less and Instagram more. It’s still tends to be a younger (under 40) audience, but that may change. It’s all visual and it’s 99.9% mobile. Though you can view postings on a computer, you can’t post from there. However, there are tools like HootSuite and Buffer that make it easy to schedule out posts from a computer.

4. Personal Branding – with all the deception that happened on Facebook in 2018, people want to know who the real person is behind the brand or the company name. Authenticity, credibility, honesty, disclosure, transparency and trust are very important to consumers. As a small business owner, establishing your expertise and knowledge is key to gaining respectability and sales.

Where to start is with your LinkedIn personal profile. You need to have a nice headshot with your full name. Your company logo should be on your company page and that should be in your personal experience. Never create a personal LinkedIn profile in the name of your company or use anything but your professional-looking picture on your profile. Keep the animals, party and family shots to Facebook.

  • On Facebook, in the “About” section that I hope you have filled out completely, add yourself and any other pertinent people to your “team”.
  • On Twitter and Instagram, share pictures of yourself in action.
  • Blog regularly and use your full name. Take credit for your expertise. Share the articles on social media and repurpose them on LinkedIn. View my profile for an example.

5. Facebook – Facebook probably won’t change its mind on the algorithm change so don’t expect to get much exposure of your business page’s posts unless you pay for the reach. They will definitely offer up more opportunities to do paid promotions like stories, and they came up with this 33-page report on key trends to expect in 2019 like ‘Beauty & Fashion', 'Commerce', 'Entertainment', 'Food & Drink', 'Mind & Body', 'Science & Technology' and 'Travel & Leisure'. This is actually helpful in your planning. Remember, you need a budget if you want to market your business on Facebook.

Still share your blog articles and post regular organic (not paid) content. But be aware that they won’t get as much reach as the paid posts.

6. Look into Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to see if it’s viable for you to start using it. Just because it’s the latest and hottest thing, doesn’t mean you need to start using it right away. New technology is usually expensive. Wait a bit to see if it becomes more common and the pricing for equipment goes down.

7. Social Listening – monitoring accounts using tools like HootSuite or TweetDeck and seeing how your competition posts online as well as how your target market and industry influencers use the networks. On Twitter you can create Private Lists – those you add to it won’t see that you’ve added them – and view what they post.

Expert Tip: If your competition is not using social media regularly or are blogging less than weekly, you can bump them off the first page of Google and put yourself there by posting on social daily and blogging more often. 

8. Don’t ignore the younger folksGen Z is changing how we market online. And if you want to use Snapchat, check out these tips.

Advice on How to Manage all your Social Media Marketing:

  1. Clearly define your target market(s).
  2. Plan out your marketing in monthly campaigns.
  3. Focus on one objective at time each month.
  4. Set goals and strategize on how best to reach your target market.  
  5. Create eye-catching graphics and/or videos with your marketing message and calls-to-action (CTAs).
  6. Don’t post erratically on social media.
  7. Monitor everything.
  8. Review your analytics and insights at the end of the month to see if you reached your goals, what worked and what didn’t work. But don’t get bogged down or over-think the data.
  9. Plan out the next month’s marketing.

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What to Expect in 2019 in Social Media Marketing