At the 2015 Greater Phoenix SCORE Small Business Symposium on 3/31/2015, we were honored to have two distinguished speakers Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan. They both spoke on the Arizona business climate.

First, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema:


  • Reviewing and fixing outdated government regulations
  • Research and development – more tax credits
  • Reauthorize the Export/Import Bank
  • Building support for the community colleges
  • Continue to work with SCORE to help small businesses thrive and grow

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Regan:


  • She and her family realized the “Arizona Dream”. Starting a business is relatively easy and regulation-free in Arizona. AZ is very welcoming when it comes to business start-ups.
  • She helped promote her family’s business by attending the Young Republicans meeting and realized that the attendees didn’t know anything about running a business.
  • That prompted her to run for state senate to help small businesses from the government’s side.
  • Started looking at the Secretary of State’s office from a business perspective.
  • When you are opening a business in Arizona, the first place to go to is the Secretary of State.
  • The process was outdated and she set out to update and modernize the trademark and filing service so that it was all available online and pay with a credit card.
  • Modernize the voting and balloting system to include mobile apps.
  • She also explained how the primary and election system works in AZ and the importance of voting in every election including the primaries.

If you’d like to take advantage of the terrific small business climate in Arizona, Greater Phoenix SCORE offers free business mentoring. Click here to schedule a meeting in a location near you!

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