Entrepreneurs – you are a rare breed.

It takes courage to start a business and it’s definitely not easy. There are hurdles, pitfalls, brick walls, growing pains, disappointments, rejections, you name it! Here are some short videos and additional articles to help you get through the everyday business challenges. And remember, a SCORE mentor can help guide you through them! Click here to meet with a Phoenix SCORE mentor for free!

Barbara Corcoran: The Biggest Business Challenge: Your Insecurity?

“The biggest challenge in business is not the competition, it’s what goes on inside your own head…” Barbara Corcoran

Robert Herjavec: Success Isn’t Measured on Days When the Sun Shines

Daymond John’s Rules to Turn Your Idea Into Millions

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Barbara Corcoran on the Secret to Handling Rejection

“Show me an entrepreneur who can take a hit, and I’ll show you a good entrepreneur…” Barbara Corcoran

“I fail well.” Barbara Corcoran

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Videos with Advice for Entrepreneurs from the Sharks