Business growth coach, Vanessa Shaw, presented at the Greater Phoenix SCORE 2015 Small Business Symposium on March 31, 2015. Her presentation, “Think Like a CEO”, was the last one of the day, but it was one of the most motivational speeches as she told her story of moving to Scottsdale from Switzerland with her family so that she could start her own business.

Think like a CEO: Avoiding the top 5 Business Dysfunctions

“True leaders create a future that is distinctly different from their past.”

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“The same thinking that got you here to day will not get you to where you want to be.”

Dysfunction #1: Quest for a Magic Potion – We’re hard-wired for growth, but we want it to be easy. “If I just put it out there, it’ll work.” There is no magic pill.

Dysfunction #2: Addicted to Busyness – “I’ve been busy!” “There’s not enough time in the day!” You feel if you’re busy, you’re being productive, but are you? Focus on income-generating activities.

Dysfunction #3: Fear of Sabre-tooth Tigers – We’re hard-wired to play it safe. Take risks. Do not fear change. As a business owner you have to change and evolve and step out of your comfort zone.

Dysfunction #4: Wallowing in the Weeds – Take time to come up and be more visible. Go network. Don’t be the biggest kept secret. Work from the Vision

Dysfunction #5: You’re the Lone Ranger – Reach out for help. You have to be willing to say that you don’t have all the answers.

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Video: Think Like a CEO with Vanessa Shaw