He’s known for Shark Tank, for starting from nothing and growing a huge tech security firm, and even from Dancing with the Stars!

What entrepreneur who’s just starting or growing a business doesn’t want to be like him!

Robert Herjavec’s 10 Rules of Entrepreneurial Success:

  1. Be great at one thing – find your passion, learn it well and be great at it – focus on that one thing
  2. Never complain – never lose your joy
  3. Just keep going – perseverance and patience
  4. Create value for your customers – people buy from those they know and trust
  5. Become the person others want to know – people like to hang out with successful people
  6. Listen to yourself – that little voice usually is accurate
  7. Leave your emotions out of it – this is business
  8. Be able to adapt – change is inevitable – evolve and deal with it
  9. Find what makes you tick – marry your passion with your job – love what you do
  10. You are in control of everything that will happen to you in your life

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Video: Robert Herjavec’s 10 Rules of Entrepreneurial Success