At Greater Phoenix SCORE’s 2015 Small Business Symposium on March 31, 2015, GoDaddy‘s Matt Greenstein talks about the Mobile Marketing Mindset.

Based on the data, the question is no longer if you need a mobile marketing strategy, it’s how to best implement one.

Watch the video:

On April 21, 2015 Google changed their search engine algorithm so if you’re site is not mobile responsive, it will be demoted.

When thinking about your mobile website…

  1. Keep your goals in mind – give your user a delightful experience and convert them to a customer. Your customer’s goals is to find what their looking for quickly.
  2. Responsive – it looks good and works properly no matter what device is used – a phone or tablet
  3. Engagement – Calls-to-Action
  4. Make it easy to navigate – no pop-ups!
  5. Don’t make it more difficult on yourself more that it has to be.
  6. Social engagement – the more the better!
  7. Keep it very simple
  8. Maps – local search
  9. Email – great to drive business of new and existing customers – it’s the new cold calling!

 Over 50% of the searches done on mobile devices have the intent of finding a product or services vs only 17% on desktop.

Be forward thinking when it comes to your mobile plan!

It’s not just about doing one thing!

Everything works together – your website, mobile and social media!

For more information visit GoDaddy’s website.