If you’re in business and you don’t watch Shark Tank, you’re missing out on the best business advice you can ever get. You can catch reruns on ABC on Friday nights and weeknights on CNBC Primetime. Even when watching shows you’ve watched before helps you grab tips that you may not have caught before.

It comes down to finding something your love to do and then just trying to be great at it.”
Mark Cuban

In this video, Mark Cuban, notorious serial entrepreneur, shares his top 12 Rules for Startups:

  • Is it an obsession?
  • Know your core competencies
  • Not just for company founders, but for those thinking of working for a start-up
  • How are you going to monetize it?
  • Go with what you know
  • Flat and open
  • Have fun!

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Video: Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups