Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner had no business experience when she started.

  • She’s marketed over 450 products
  • Holds 120 patents
  • Grossed over $500 Billion in sales

She’s the perfect example of how anyone with a bit of gumption and a good idea or product, can start from a prototype and be successful.

“No Idea is Too Small”

“You have made the most money out of the stupidest things!” ~Daymond John

Lori Greiner App - Hero or ZeroHow Lori judges if it’s a “Hero or a Zero”:

  • Is the product something that the consumer needs and wants?
  • Does it have broad mass appeal?
  • Who’s running it?

Most of the time…

“I go with my gut.”

Lori created a free app to help you judge if you’ve got a “hero or a zero”. It’s available at the Apple and Android app stores.

Do you have a product or idea? A SCORE mentor can help you judge if it’s a “hero or a zero” – that’s called feasibility.

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Video: Lori Greiner – Queen of Shark Tank