No matter what winter holiday you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), you can tap into the holiday spirit to benefit your small business.

‘Tis the season for intense shopping and searching for the perfect gift, and for giving back to individuals and causes that matter. That’s an ideal opportunity to use social media to showcase your brand in the light of giving and receiving—and promote the stuffing out of it.

The key? Be AUTHENTIC. People are getting sold so much they don’t need one more brand trying to convince them to commit to something they don’t want or need. Make your business stand out among all the holiday noise by:

  • Focusing on helping your customers, instead of selling to them.
  • Giving them sincere advice, related to your brand, that will help them survive and thrive during the holidays.
  • Connecting with them on a more personal level via any and all social media channels you use.

If you are familiar with social media, you understand that each type of social channel has its own unique personality. Here are a few holiday marketing ideas for some of the most popular social networks:


Use your business’s Facebook page to show your followers what the holidays really mean to you by featuring people in your company. It gives your followers and inside look at your business and makes your brand feel more human. It is also a great time to showcase philanthropic events your brand is participating in; make sure to post pictures and videos of the event! Encourage others to join in on the generosity as well.


Instagram is all about the visuals! Host an Instagram contest that features your customers and how they spread cheer! Ask your customers how the celebrate the holidays and have them share their photos by tagging your brand and including a specific hashtag in their caption. Reward your followers with a worthwhile prize and watch the pictures pop up in your feed! You can even repost the customer-curated images throughout the season. Bam!


Twitter is a conversational platform that operates in real-time. To get the convo going, create a themed hashtag to spark a discussion between you and your customers. Host a twitter chat about holiday tips and tricks. This lets you connect with your followers AND provides an opportunity for them to learn and share.


Pinterest is the place people get inspired! Pin pictures of table settings or how to get your holiday meal prepared with no stress. Create boards that will help your followers keep calm and collected during this often stressful time. UsePinterest’s buyable pin feature to slip in a relevant product or two.

Whatever social media networks you choose to leverage for your small business this holiday season, just remember that the holidays are about more than gift-giving. Give your followers and opportunity to see your brand in authentic, generous light. By doing so, you’ll be sure to inspire others with your brand and truly stand out in the crowd!

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By Jillian Johnson for GoDaddy

About the Author:

Jillian Johnson is a social media specialist at GoDaddy. She’s committed to contributing bold and innovative ideas for sharing brand and personal narratives online, and believes that a carefully crafted digital identity can be a game-changer for both businesses and individuals. In Jillian’s world, there’s a GIF for every emotion and a dance battle is the best way to settle a conflict. In her spare time, she is exploring Seattle, one local spot at a time.

Use social media to showcase your brand’s holiday spirit