Whether good or bad, customers now have several channels to voice their opinions of a business, product, service, restaurant, store, your business!
Customer service isn’t what it used to be!

These days, you really have know your customer. According to eMarketer

  • 43% of Internet users are more forgiving of companies that they think know them.
  • 57% say that mistakes make them think about swtiching
  • 52% say they like it when service is personalized to them or their business
  • 49% say it should matter who they are

Before, one happy person would tell just a few friends. Now, with social media, they tell a few thousand friends. Same applies to an unhappy customer.

And that’s after a positive experience. An unhappy customer expects a very quick response especially if they post something on social media.

One thing’s for sure, if you understand today’s buyer, you’re going to have problems.

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Written by Giselle AguiarAZ Social Media Wiz