Right now, many folks feel overwhelmed, lost, confused, angry, and uncertain with everything that is going on around them. COVID-19 PPE, sanitizer, etc.

We are in the middle of a pandemic. The political climate is polarized. Groups of people are rising, while others are trying to keep them down. A new reality for many business owners has not sunk in yet. Masks. PPE. Social Distancing.

We all know it is time for a change. 

Time to change how we do business. Time for a change on how we treat others. Time for a change within ourselves.

We all want positive change in our lives. We seek to succeed, and to break free from the doldrums of the everyday rat race. 

We also know that motivation can be fleeting. So how can we buckle down and shock ourselves into the change we need? Many business owners like to stay stuck in the comfort zone. While others are changing and putting themselves in a place that is not comfortable today, but they know that feeling of un-comfort is short term and they will thrive and survive. 

Here are Seven Simple ways to Produce Stunning change in your life immediately. 

1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you usually do.

I've got into a rhythm of waking up at 5 a.m., to speak with my clients that are 3 hours ahead of me. While I'm not a morning person, getting up earlier helps me get a jump start on my day.

If you challenge yourself to get up just 30 minutes earlier, it will help you kick start your day. Even if it is to get out of bed, sit in a nice chair and think. It will also help you at night. You will be that much more ready for sleep in the evening.

You'll also have gotten just a bit more accomplished throughout your day. This will alleviate any bedtime brain chatter/freak outs about the day ahead. Those little 30 minutes are amazing.

2. If you can, meditate or nap during the day.  

When I first heard this, two things came to mind. Pre-school and that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at night. What I found, was a short 30-60-minute cat nap or meditation during the day provided me with more energy. 

That break reduced stress, re-energized me. Gave me that “moment to myself.” 

Ducking into a conference room to close your eyes and enjoy some deep breathing can have a lasting effect. Use an app of your choice to help with a guided meditation. 

3. Remove the distractions to your goals.

Need to remove all obstacles and distractions that are blocking you from achieving your goals. If you say you don’t have time to make outbound sales calls, then block time on your calendar to just focus on outbound sales calls. Make a list of who you want to call, why you are calling them, and what you are going to say the day before. This way when it’s time to make the calls, you make the calls. Not wasting time to figure out who you are going to call and what you are going to say. Make sure your door is closed and let other know you are on call time and cannot be disturbed. Eliminate all the distractions during that time. No inbound calls during that hour, no one walking into your office, not going to the water cooler. 

4. Tackle big tasks one baby-step at a time.

I always think of the saying, “you can’t eat an elephant in one bite.” Big projects loom constantly. The more we think of the big deadline, or the volume of pages that need to be written, the more discouraged we become. Anxiety builds, then fear, then procrastination. 

By breaking down big tasks into little ones, we break the inertia and move in a positive direction. Stock piling small wins will build our confidence and stoke the fires of production. 

5. Think about death more often. Yes, seriously. 

“I wish I could have done more work.” Said no one on their death bed. They only talk about regrets on things they never had time to do and accomplish. We are trying to do more in less time so that we don’t waste time, which many times takes up more time. 

What does work is if we increase the scarcity of time. We can do this effectively if we set serious time constraints. For example, challenging our minds to believe that this year is your last year on earth. How productive would you be then?

Studies have shown that workers are the most productive 3 days before and 3 days after they go on an extended vacation. Change your thinking and be more productive.

6. Choose better words.

Becoming more aware of the impact that your words have on those around you, and yourself, can be a powerful change agent. Opening a conversation with comments like "You look tired" or "You look good for your age" can destroy your rapport with friends and colleagues.

A mentor of mine always had me restate a sentence so that I will use better wording. It drove me nuts for the first 3 months, then I noticed how I said everything changed. It also changed how others responded. His little activity really changed my life for the better.

Watch your words and how you use them. It will change the environment around you. 

7. Get new friends.

It's true that you're the sum of the people you spend the most time with. If you surround yourself with positive people who are pushing themselves to bigger and better things, chances are you'll have a better time of effecting change in your own life. Harvard Business Review's Joseph Grenny says this can be a potent way to trick your brain into long lasting change. 

If you want deep, long-lasting, positive change in your life, you'll have to commit to at least a few of these suggestions. Why not try out one or two? You'll enjoy the results. 

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 Steve   Feld

Steve Feld is a Certified SCORE Mentor and a business coach.

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