By Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

Facebook is not the end all or be all! Is your target market even on Facebook? Businesses can’t rely on just one social media network or just their website or just internet marketing. Yes, it’s important. Yes, it’s powerful. Yes, it’s crucial to be found online when someone is searching for your product or service. But basically…

Don’t put all your eggs — marketing efforts and dollars — in one basket!

Here’s the reason why:

Facebook, earlier this year, changed their algorithm reducing the reach of unpaid business page posts that a user sees in their home feed. Have you noticed that your “organic reach” is down? That you’re getting less engagement — likes, comments, shares — in your posts? Why? They want businesses to spend money with paid, “boosted”, posts and ads.

Organic reach is the number of people who see a Facebook post without any paid promotion or advertising boosting its performance. ~Entrepreneur, 4 Tactics for Surviving Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Starting in January 2015, Facebook will limit how many promotional posts — free, organic posts that have some sort of promotional wording — people see on business pages. (Entrepreneur, 3 Reasons Why Relying on Social-Media Marketing Is a Losing Strategy)

  1. Facebook organic (free) reach will continue to decrease.
  2. It’s a “rented” platform – you don’t own your Facebook page. Facebook is giving you the space on their network for free. You don’t have total control. You own your website. You have total control of it.
  3. A diverse strategy insures success!

Businesses should harness the power of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine as well as Facebook. ~Entrepreneur, 4 Tactics for Surviving Facebook’s Algorithm Change

So you think maybe paying for ads on Facebook will work? Watch this video on what really goes on with Facebook’s paid ads.

This infographic from has some good ideas on strategies to overcome the Facebook Algorithm Change:

An integrated marketing strategy is essential for the success of a business. A SCORE mentor can help you with:

  • Setting your goals
  • Defining your target market’s persona
  • Putting together comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing plans which include all the social networks, website, email, and other traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

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Rod Houston, Certified SCORE Mentor also contributed to this article.

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Surviving Facebook Algorithm Change