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There are still so many opinions out there about small businesses using social media. Have you ever heard a business owner say: “It won’t work for our product”, “It takes up too much time”, “I never know if it’s doing anything…” All of these are valid statements, however probably made from people who have not developed a social strategy and were just winging it in their efforts.

Here are some basic tips to get you thinking about your social strategy:

1- BE ACTIVE & RELEVANT: The two biggest mistakes small businesses make is not being active on their accounts and managing conversations/interactions and posting too many promotions, specials and content their audience does not care about. Try following these steps: *Set aside time for social just like you would for bookkeeping, sales or follow ups. *Establish goals for each month. For example, get 100 new Twitter followers and 25 new fans. *Look at your reports to judge growth and success. Facebook has an automated report that they will send you each week detailing your page’s performance. Take 5 minutes to look at it.

2- GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: “If you build it they may not come…” That is the best way to describe the efforts necessary for social to work for a small business. You may have a wonderfully designed FB page with lots to give-a-way and tons of stuff to do but if no one knows about it, how will they ever read your daily posts or see how awesome your page is? Set aside time (see above) and write on other businesses like your own to ask for likes and talk about your give-a-way. For example: If you are an Auto Repair Shop, you may want to write on the walls or tire places, car clubs, car washes, etc.

3- GIVE PROPS: If you find an article that relates to your business or you think your audience will find interesting, tag the page you got it from or give them some props for either writing it or finding it for you to share. You’ll have an immediate fan from at least that page and hopefully some of their followers as well.

4- ENGAGE: Social Media is not a billboard or TV commercial. The concept of social is that it is two-way communication. If you are constantly just posting specials or talking about “my business did this” or “my business offers that”, when are you giving the audience a chance to talk back?

5- CAN’T DO IT ALL? HIRE HELP!: If you want to be relevant online, social is becoming a necessary step. If you are not finding time for the above steps, don’t really have the desire to learn them or don’t understand it all…. HIRE SOMEONE! More and more companies are choosing to sub-out work to agencies, contractors, etc. which makes it cheaper than employing someone to handle these tasks.


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