“No one wants to make headlines for being the next big security breach.”

So learn how to protect your network by attending “Safeguarding Your Network from Rogue Wi-Fi Threats” on Thursday, October 8th 2015…

Gone are the early days of Wi-Fi, when CSOs lost sleep over threats like WEP cracking and war driving. 802.11n products have matured to the point where many enterprises are investing in larger, faster WLANs to support mission-critical applications. And yet, pros know that security is never to be taken for granted. Here, we offer our Top Ten Wi-Fi Threats and explain why diligence is (still) required. Sholove offers “Night Shift” protection against the following:

  • Data Interception
  • Denial of Service (DOS)
  • Rogue Aps
  • Wireless Intruders
  • Misconfigured Aps
  • Ad Hocs and Soft Aps
  • Misbehaving Clients
  • Endpoint Attacks
  • Evil Twin Aps
  • Wireless Phishing

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Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management

According to Gartner, Inc, “Although security spending is at an all-time high, security breaches at major organizations are also at an all-time high.” 1 And yet while greater security in enterprise mobility is more needed than ever, many organizations are looking for guidance.

In this inaugural report, Gartner offers guidance on 6 common use cases that can be applied to your organization. This report reviews and evaluates 19 vendors selected on the basis of offering software and hardware products which meet specific security requirements including certifications and awards, data security, and authentication to name a few. Good Technology receives the highest score for 6 out of 6 Use Cases: BYO, Shared Devices, Non-employee, High Security Commercial, High Security Government Grade and Shared Data.

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About the Author/Presenter:

James Love, President of Sholove International LLC. Mobility Technology Solutions and Protection. As President of SLI, and area of focus has been on layered cyber protection since 2012. Working in partnership with a host of powerful partners such as Cyren, IBM, Amazon web services, McAfee and Zscaler.

Safeguarding Your Network from Cyber Crime