What are your NPO’s main goals?

  1. Fundraising?
  2. Building awareness?
  3. Recruiting volunteers?
  4. Acquiring clients?
  5. Retaining clients?
  6. Advocacy?
  7. Promoting events?

According to a poll from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Blackbaud, Nonprofits use content marketing, but not to raise money!

Fundraising used to be the number one goal, but it fell to 5th place behind brand awareness, engagement, client retention and acquisition.

The main content marketing tactic in 2013 and 2014 was, you guessed it, social media!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a perfect example of the power and virility of social media.

…the Ice Bucket Challenge was a uniquely video-orientated phenomenon that swept across the world this summer in just a matter of days, and dominated the social feeds of hundreds of millions of Internet users.~ReelSEO

It garnered over 1.3 billion views and raised over $100 million. The keyword in the above quote is “phenomenon”. If you think you can replicate that for your nonprofit, good luck. Something going that viral, that fast is a fluke.

No matter what your NPO’s main goals are, using content and social media marketing are powerful and relatively free tools. Learning how to properly and effectively use them is crucial.Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time going around in circles and not accomplishing your goals.

Are you wondering ….

  • How often should we blog?
  • How often should we post to Facebook or Twitter?
  • Do we have to be on Google+?
  • What about LinkedIn? That’s a target market we’d like to reach. How can we use it better?
  • What can we automate?
  • Do we have to be on all the networks?
  • How do we use videos like ALS did?
  • How do we get the attention of a celebrity?
  • What’s the right way to promote events?

Presented by Giselle AguiarAZ Social Media Wiz, who’s been doing Internet marketing since 1995 and has served on boards of many different non-profit organizations.

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