National Clean Off Your Desk Day is the designated day you walk into your office and say ‘this is the day I’m going to get my office clean.’ You roll up your sleeves, then a few emails arrive, you take a phone call, you search around for that document-did you print it out or is it somewhere on your computer? And before you know it, it’s time to call it a day.

Here are some tips to clearing off your desk and staying productive during your workday:

  • Make the space intentional—You might pick something up and say ‘I’ll just put it here for now’ and then that ‘now’ becomes weeks or months later. Be intentional about where you are placing items and papers in your office. Put papers in a system that makes sense to you. Purge what you don’t need.
  • Find a place for your stuff–Put personal items in one drawer so that they easy to find. Clear out one area for your stuff-your snacks, personal items, even your bag or purse. You’ll always know where to do to find it. No more hunting around.
  • Find a place for your supplies–Same thing with all of the office supplies, find a drawer and get them all in one place. What is you use on a daily basis? Keep that on the desktop. All the other supplies can go in a drawer. Clear off your desktop and put back only what is essential.

Love the space your in—make sure that your office reflects your personality. You might want to make your office a sanctuary with candles and soft music. Maybe it reflects everything about the business. Do you need to add a bit of branding color? A picture of the family? What about you needs to come through in the décor? Add that!

If you can’t seem to get things done and get your desk under control, consider hiring a professional. A productivity coach or professional organizer can suggest ways you can work better, faster, and more focused.

Creating an organized, efficient workplace can pay off in a big way. Next time you walk in the office with intentions to get things done, you will have a basis to work from and a clear way to move forward.

Don’t procrastinate! Use National Clean Off Your Desk Day to get organized!

Check out Greater Phoenix SCORE’s board Organize Your Office on Pinterest to get some ideas!

Editor’s Note: Margo Brown came to my rescue after a fire in my apartment building displaced me and my home office. In a few hours we had to throw everything into bags and boxes with no rhyme or reason and evacuate. At my new office, Margo systematically helped me go through each bag and box to organize everything into files, action items, or trash. Ever since my session with her, I’ve found myself more organized and productive both in the office and at home! I highly recommend her services! Giselle Aguiar, Blog Editor for Greater Phoenix SCORE.

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