By Kate Harvey, GoDaddy

Yes, a few not-to-be-named-here celebs seem to have created successful brands and products around pouty selfies on their social media pages. That’s not, however, a smart strategy for the vast majority of businesses. The profile image on your business’s social media platforms matters — it’s all about creating just the right impression.

Besides when they first liked your Facebook (or LinkedIn, etc.) business page, most users don’t routinely return to your actual business page. We simply wait for your posts to show up in our news feed. The company’s profile pic shows next to the company name in the news feed or accompanying tweets, etc. Therefore, your business profile pic is what social media users see and engage with. It’s important to make it count!

Business profile pic do’s

Do use your logo. Business owners have told me they think using their logo for their business profile photo is “boring.” Au contraire! Having your logo appear next to your company name for your social media posts helps maintain consistent branding. Don’t have a logo? Use an image that is very relevant to your business such as the product you sell. The sunset photo from your Caribbean vacation is gorgeous but it isn’t relevant to your electrician services. Unless the photo of your office building is incredibly unique, it isn’t ideal for your profile pic.

Do follow sizing guidelines for each social platform. Attempting a one-size-fits-all approach can lead to your image being cropped in odd ways. Using the same profile pic across all platforms is a great idea; you just want to make sure the image for each platform is the specific size required by the site. Here’s a great resource to make sizing easier.

Do keep it clear and crisp. The last thing you want is a blurry business profile photo. Make sure the image you select is high-quality for a clear result.

Business profile pic don’ts

Don’t use a photo of yourself — unless you represent the brand (i.e. a fitness trainer or real estate agent). If this is the case for your business, use a professional photo (not a selfie!).

Don’t use a cartoon or avatar. The exception is if you have a cartoon or avatar in your logo and it is an essential part of your brand.

Don’t use text. Think about how small a profile pic shows up next to tweets, Facebook news feeds, etc. It’s next to impossible to read text in that tiny format so you’ll want to stick with a clear image.

Don’t change your business profile pic on a regular basis. A consistent profile photo is a part of consistent branding. Changing the profile pic frequently can mean losing valuable impressions because social media users aren’t able to instantly recognize your business profile pic (not an issue if you’re using your logo).

Now, go back and review the profile pic you’re using on your business social media profiles. Whether you are guilty of any of the business profile pic don’ts or you want to incorporate more of the do’s, updating from a bad (or mediocre) business profile pic to a good one is a great way to boost your business’s social media visibility!

About the Author:

With an extensive background in online marketing, Kate Harvey helps business owners be more successful in the world of SEO and SEM as a Search Marketing Specialist and Project Lead at GoDaddy.

Make the Right Impression on Social Media with your Business Profile Pic