There’s something funny about social media marketing – people want help and advice. They want to be informed, educated and entertained. They don’t want to be sold or pitched. So what’s a marketer to do? How to do you sell your products without selling?

It’s as simple as following the 10-4-1- rule. I didn’t make it up. Hubspot takes credit for it. I like it better than the 80/20 rule which is similar (80% other people’s content and 20% your content) because it’s more specific.

Here’s how the 10-4-1 rule works:

For every 15 posts/tweets:

  • 10 are other people’s content – that’s related to your industry, or that is of interest to your target market. (This is why you must identify your target market). They could be blog posts, websites, videos or just tips and quotes.
  • 4 are your content – these are your blog posts or tips and quotes.
  • 1 is a direct sales pitch – “Click here for a free ebook”; “Get a 20% off coupon!”; “Come to an Open House!” etc.

These 15 posts can be schedule on the networks using TweetDeck for Twitter or HootSuite for LinkedInFacebook, and Google+ business pages. You can tweet all 15 on Twitter on the same day but spaced out throughout the day and night. Remember, social media is on 24/7 and on weekends. On Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ you’ll need to schedule the 15 posts over several days to a whole week. This is why you need to really get to know your target market and figure out when they're online and where they hang out. 

Use Feedly to subscribe to various blogs and online magazines to find trusted sources. These are industry leaders and influencers who always have content that’s relevant to your business and of interest to your target market. That’s “content curation”. Use to then schedule posts from the trusted sources. It’ll “feed” Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn automatically with that trusted content. I have that setup for SCORE’s Facebook page. Everything that Entrepreneur Magazine posts gets shared automatically. If you have Facebook connected to Twitter (all posts to Facebook get tweeted out automatically), don’t set up the feed to Twitter also or they’ll be duplicated.

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