By Stephanie Faris

Within the plethora of emails most people scour through each day, how can a small business craft one to stand out? According to a recent survey, email personalization increases conversion rates six-fold, resulting in higher sales than impersonalized emails. Savvy consumers, tired of sifting through burgeoning inboxes, quickly scroll through hundreds of emails, opening only those that are relevant or important.

So how can your email as stand out as “important?” While it largely depends on the customer, a generic email with a subject line that intended for the masses will be as ineffective as no email at all.

To reenergize your campaigns and increase upsells, here are a few steps your small business can take.

Leverage Data

Until the era of mass Internet communication, upselling took place face-to-face or through direct mailers. For example, retailers sent catalogs full of new inventory to customers enticing more purchases. A catalog will place a large amount of items in front of the customer, but it is not personalized to a customer’s individual taste and preference.

Advancements in analytics and Internet marketing allow small businesses to track the online behaviors of customers. Using customized tracking codes, you can mine very specific data about a customer’s online activities such as which website pages they viewed, past purchases, and sites they visit on the Internet. Once the data is combined and analyzed, customers can be placed in buckets according to their actions. You can then send very targeted upsell emails based on your segmented lists.

Use the Invoice

As GetResponse points out, many companies use the invoice as an opportunity to upsell. Just as many brick-and-mortar stores hand customers time-sensitive coupons with each purchase, online small businesses can add coupons and special offers to the emailed invoices. A simple call to action or, “Since you purchased an item, add this item for half off” messaging can help customers feel as though they’re getting a deal they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Make It Conversational

Instead of pummeling valued customers with generic, automated marketing messages, small businesses should use a conversational approach. A friendly phrase such as, “We noticed you purchased our ink cartridges on January 3rd. did you know we also sell paper at a discount?” is more effective than simply sending a picture of a ream of paper with a call to action. Showing you know the customer can personalizes the email and will increase conversions. The email should also include a direct link to the product to make it as easy as possible to purchase it.

To make the email more enticing, you can consider offering to add the item onto a customer’s recent purchase with no extra charge for shipping.

Keep Customers Happy

In addition to upselling, small businesses can win over customers who have had bad experiences. In the past, these customers might have never purchased an item again, but through email automation; you can reach out to those customers asking for a phone call with a senior staff member to resolve the issue. Through automated software, these emails can be sent en masse, improving the chances that a business will win back several customers at once.

Customer loyalty is important to small businesses. Through email automation, companies can easily upsell their customers alongside their efforts to win over new business. Today’s software and analytics ease the process of upselling by segmenting customers based on behaviors, providing the format for personalized emails, resulting in increased sales.

Stephanie FarisAbout the Author: Stephanie Faris is a freelance writer and novelist, whose work regularly appears on Infusionsoft, Dell’s TechPageOne, GetApp, and Netributor. She is the author of the novels 30 Days of No Gossip and 25 Roses, both of which are being published by Simon & Schuster under the Aladdin M!X line. She lives in Nashville with her husband.



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