Everyone loves a good story. And every business, big or small, has a story to tell – a reason why they’re in business and a common goal that keeps them chugging along. Whether it’s a success story, an emotional battle, or challenging circumstances that brought your business to where it is today, your business values are shaped by what you’ve been through. And customers can relate to that.

To emotionally connect with your customers, you must wrangle the power of your company’s story to create a memorable, relatable message. It’s easy – you just need to tell your story from the heart.

Standout and Shine

The Internet is a big place with a ton of competitors. So what makes your business stand out among the others? Your story.  It’s unique. It’s what made your business what it is today. Customers want to hear the story about how you created something from nothing, and why your something is better than the rest. Dig deep, and ask your loyal customers why they’ve stuck around.

Get Your Story Online

Don’t think too hard here. Your story shouldn’t feel forced, or phony. Make it real. Consider some of these questions to help you start writing:

Why did you go into business?

What do you love most about your job?

Why are you still in business?

What’s your business’s history?

What do your customers say about your products or services?

What makes you get out of bed in the morning, excited to go to the office?

If you could share one success story with potential customers, which one would you share?

Before writing anything down, go to work. Talk with new customers and ask why they chose you over your competitors. Experience what you’ve created and why it’s so special. Throughout the day, write your answers and remember: it’s your story to tell, so tell it well.

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How to Tell Your Business’s Story