You post and post and post some more, yet you don't get the social media engagement that you're expecting. What are you doing wrong? What aren't you doing? 

First let's define some of the online social media metrics: 

Reach -- sometimes used interchangeably with "Impressions" depending on the social network. If you share a post and one of your followers has 1000 followers and shares it, then your reach increases by 1000. That means that 1000 additional people, besides your followers have the potential to see the post. That's called social amplification. You want that. 

Impressions -- an impression is counted when a post or ad passes is shown to a user. 

Engagement -- when a user likes, comments, shares, retweets, replies, saves, clicks, repins, and/or reacts to a post. On some networks, you'll see "so-and-so liked this tweet" or "so-and-so reacted to this post". You see these on your wall and you wonder why you're seeing things from people you don't follow. You see what your followers and friends have like, etc. Just getting some engagement helps increase reach. 

And with Facebook's algorithm update that users see less of posts from business pages, getting engagement from users is critical. 

So how do you get your fans, followers or even the public to engage more with your social media posts? Here are some tips from the folks at SalesForce scroll down for the infographic:

  1. Be transparent - seriously, if you're not, it will be uncovered at some point
  2. Build trust - people buy from whom they know and trust
  3. Create awareness - get exposure
  4. Don't over-share - too much of a good thing...
  5. Tell a story - stories sell
  6. Reach out to influencers - make friends with people -- with a large following -- whom your target market trusts and get them to share your content
  7. Give positive feedback - it's give to get
  8. Be quick to respond to negative feedback - you must monitor your networks
  9. Keep a clear focus - know your target market, define them and research
  10. Show your personality - this is hard for introverts, but you have to break through if you want to market your business
  11. Shine throughout the day - there really isn't a generic "best time to post". Your insight and analytics will tell you this information. Every audience is different.
  12. Go beyond Facebook and Twitter - Are Facebook and Twitter Doomed?
  13. Be proactive - this takes some time and research
  14. Find a unique voice - make sure the content you're creating is just more "noise"
  15. Find, create and share content - don't just post your stuff -- share don't sell!
  16. Be innovative - what makes you different?
  17. Keep is short and sweet - KISS still applies
  18. Follow back - you don't need to follow everyone back. Look at their profiles. What do they post? Be selective.
  19. Share what you learn - especially if you couldn't have written it better yourself. 
  20. Act quickly - if you snoose you lose. 

I'm adding #21 - use hashtags and take advantage of what's trending -- especially on Twitter. 

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Giselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, content and digital marketing consultant and trainer. She specializes in market research, strategic planning, social media and marketing automation setups, training and coaching.

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How to Succeed in getting Social Media Engagement [Infographic]