One of the benefits of social media and content marketing is getting known as an expert in your field or industry. LinkedIn is the number 1 social network for professionals with over 640 million members worldwide. Now you can write for LinkedIn! It’s part of LinkedIn. When you log into LinkedIn, at the top of your home feed are featured articles tailored to you by what’s on your LinkedIn profile, your connections, who you follow, what you’ve liked, commented on or shared. If you click on “Pulse,” you can edit the type of content featured.

How to Write for LinkedIn

I first noticed in my notifications that folks that I was connected to were publishing on LinkedIn. My first thought was, “Gee, how can I write for LinkedIn?” Simply click on "Write an Article" under "Start a Post" from your Home screen.

But how do you stand out among the crowd?

LinkedIn provides some tips on getting started, but, that article was written in 2012. Since then, there’s been many posts, which led to some useful data. This infographic below from Melonie Dodaro of TopDog Social Media has 10 Data-Driven Steps to Dominate LinkedIn Publishing. I discovered Melonie, my Canadian counterpart and a specialist on LinkedIn, when I was preparing for the next LinkedIn seminar that I’m giving for Greater Phoenix SCORE. I connected with her on LinkedIn, we’re following each other now on Twitter and I’ve a got a new friend and colleague!

The 4 most important take-aways from this infographic are:

  1. Longer is better – this goes against the norm for blogging where 300-500 words is optimal. Think about it as writing for the Business Journal. 
  2. An 11-year-old should be able to read it – stay away from industry jargon and KISS – Keep it Stupid Simple.
  3. Likes” are important – Ask for them! When I shared the post in the other social media networks, I ask folks to like it. And they did!
  4.  Publish on Thursdays – OK, my first post was on Friday, but now I have it on my calendar to write a post every Thursday for LinkedIn.




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How to Really get Known as an Expert in Your Field: Write for LinkedIn