By Mike Hathcote, GoDaddy

There are myriad ways to create compelling content for your business website and, when you’ve got awesome text and images on your site from the get-go, you’ll have an excellent foundation on which to make regular updates.

Not sure why you need to keep your site’s content fresh and up-to-date? Check out “When It Comes to Websites, Freshness Matters.”

Now, for the “how.” Here are some guidelines:

Bigger changes are better.

SEO - Search Engine OptimizationAmong other considerations for search engine optimization, search engines rank sites according to how much content is actually updated. Just changing a word or two is not sufficient enough to effect any real change in ranking. On the other hand, major changes—such as swapping out or adding new images and videos, headlines, product info, etc.—will boost your chances of bettering your ranking in search results.

Update often.

As a small business owner, you’re undoubtedly busy. But it’s important to schedule a regular time to update your website’s content. You might plan updates on a certain day of the week, perhaps following your weekly “meeting of the minds” with colleagues—during which you can brainstorm site updates.

Another surefire way to ensure up-to-date content? A blog. A blog is a great way to keep new content coming. If you have time, weekly posts to your blog are a simple way to freshen content and easily create more pages on your site—yet another means of increasing search engine rankings.

Link it up!

Adding new links to your site is important for two reasons. First, it’s fresh new content, which we’ve already discussed. But more importantly, if you add links that are reciprocated, you create another cyber avenue for customers to find you—with the added bonus of improving your appeal to search engines. Ask your vendors to consider linking to your website, and return the favor. It’s just good online business.

Mike HathcoteMike Hathcote is a small business owner and serial entrepreneur with 16 years of small business experience. His current title is Manager-Customer Care Communications at GoDaddy, where he helps small businesses kick ass. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and voiceover acting. Connect with @mikehathcote on Twitter.



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