One of the most frequently asked questions is how to I increase my conversion rate on my website? Well, it depends. What’s a conversion for you? A sale or a lead? For ecommerce businesses, it’s the sale. 

What is a Conversion Rate?

If you have 100 visitors to your ecommerce website in one week and 10 of them purchased something, divide the total number of visitors by the number of sales: 10/100 = 1% (.01). 

What’s a Good Conversion Rate for an eCommerce Website? 

Again, it depends — on your industry and on a few more factors. 

Average conversion rates by industry from IRP Commerce and ShippyPro arranged from best to least. (Note they cover both B2B and B2C industries.) Source: Hubspot you want your ecommerce customers to buy now1

  • Arts and Crafts: 3.84% - 4.01%
  • Pet Care: 2.51% - 2.53%
  • Electrical and Commercial Equipment: 2.49% - 2.70%
  • Health and Wellbeing: 1.87% - 2.02%
  • Kitchen and Home Appliances: 1.61% - 1.72%
  • Home Accessories and Giftware: 1.46% - 1.55%
  • Cars and Motorcycling: 1.35% - 1.36%
  • Fashion, Clothing, and Accessories: 1.01% - 1.41%
  • Sports and Recreation: 1.18%
  • Food and Drink: 0.90% - 1.00%
  • Agriculture: 0.62% - 1.41%
  • Baby and Child: 0.71% - 0.87%

Some of these figures might be a bit disheartening, but it shouldn’t discourage you from continuing with your ecommerce business. Some of these industries are more highly competitive than others. 

This should help you set SMART Goals for…

  • overall sales - how much money do you want to make in a certain time period?
  • website visitors - given the above average ecommerce conversion rates, how many visitors do you need to attract to your site?
  • conversion rate - what's a realistic conversion rate?

Review your Analytics weekly

analytics Usually if you're getting the traffic to your site, but they're not converting, that means that your marketing is working, but something on your site is turning people off. You want a low bounce rate -- you get a high rate if people land on your site and leave right away. Make sure you've got Google Analyics set up before you start any marketing campaigns. 

If you're not getting the amount of visitors to your site you'd like to see, that means you're not marketing enough. Your efforts are falling short. 

Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Conversions and Sales

  1. Use explainer or demonstration videos on your product pages. 
  2. Give your potential customers clear, detailed product pictures. Make sure they can see fine details, all sides, etc.
  3. Write good copy — product descriptions. Avoid flowery language or “fluff”. Make it keyword-centric to help with search within your shopping platform and on Google. Get detailed on sizes, features, benefits, anything applicable that can help sell the product. 
  4. Try adding a chat feature to your website for quick questions. Some platforms have this feature at an additional cost. However, if just for the holiday shopping season, it may give you the boost you need to come in above your competition. 
  5. call-to-action buttons Test different calls-to-action (CTAs) to see which get more visibility. If you’re promoting your products in different social networks, change the language and pictures based on the average user of the platform. For instance, if your product is good for all ages, fine, but you talk to people under 40 differently from people over 40. A promotion on LinkedIn (professional) should be different from one on Instagram (casual).
  6. Know your competition. Who are your biggest competitiors? How often are they posting? Where do they come up on the Google search results compared to you for your major keywords and search phrases? 
  7. Develop an agressive social media marketing strategy and tactical plan. Know your target audience. If you're working a holiday, gift-giving season, think of the gift giver not the recipient or end user. 
  8. Use Social Proof with good customer reviews. Put your best reviews near the top of your pages. User-generated-content (UGC) — pictures of happy-camper customers using your product — is the best advertising out there. 
  9. Offer free shipping. Yes, this can be expensive, but if you’re competing against the big guys, it might be worth it. 
  10. Make your check-out process as quick, hassle-free and user-friendly as possible. Too many “abandoned shopping carts” tell you that there’s something wrong with your checkout process. 
  11. Don’t make everyone have to setup an account to check out. This is “guest check-out”. 
  12. Have several payment options. Cover all the bases. Make sure your customer is comfortable with the security on your site. 

Free Conversion Tracker from Hubspot


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How to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate