What does it take to have a successful online website? 

From identifying your target market niche to branding. From keyword research to analytics. From social media to calls-to-action.

Yes, there is a lot to think about and plan. And you need to educate yourself on how it all works. Whether you outsource these services or hire an employee to manage this, you need to know the best practices so you don't end up wasting time and money. Be careful when choosing vendors. Do your due diligence. Google the company, read reviews and check with the BBB. If you have a problem, what recourses do you have? Make sure you get a written contract on what is expected for what amount of money and that everything is clear. Be careful when hiring family or friends. Remember these old stand-bys still hold true...

You get what you pay for.

Buyer Beware!

This infographic from lays it all out - How to get from Zero to 10K visitors per month on your website: 

How to Go from Zero to 10K Visitors a Month to your Website

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Giselle Aguiar, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Coach and Trainer at AZ Social Media Wiz

Giselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing consultant and trainer specializing in market research, strategic planning, social media and marketing automation setups, training and coaching. She's been doing Internet marketing since 1995.

Social Media Marketing Strategist, Trainer and Coach, AZ Social Media Wiz
How to Go from Zero to 10K Visitors a Month to your Website