Facebook organic (free) marketing for businesses is more challenging now that they changed their algorithm to give higher visibility to posts by users rather than business pages. So that means that if you want to reach Facebook's 1 billion daily users -- especially to promote your eCommerce business for the holidays -- you have to spend some money. 

If you’re thinking of investing in some paid ads to promote your business for the holidays, here are…

A few things you have to take into consideration before placing social media paid ads:

  1. Budget – sure you can start advertising with as little as $25 a week, but you really need to think beyond that. Plan it out.
  2. What you want to accomplish – selling one item or getting a customer for life? Paying for “likes” is useless and doesn’t guarantee you’ll get sales. 
  3. Write an enticing ad – wherever you decide to advertise, look through the network’s help sections to get ideas on how to best to use their particular platform to reach your target.
  4. Have a clearly defined target market – you might want to do some A/B testing to see which ads work best. Yes, this may cost some extra money, but in the long run, you’ll get better results.
  5. Check your analytics to see what worked and what didn’t work – this is the best way to learn and plan and be successful in the future.
  6. Pick your audience carefully  Don't advertise to everbody - you'll get nobody. Clearly define your target market personas. This free workbook will help you.
  7. Don't just advertise one product – Classify your eCommerce site by categories -- like departments -- and promote the specialty shop rather than specific products. If you sell out of one product, they can shop the category. You don't have to change the ad. 
  8. Think Mobile  This infographic from Facebook will help you understand the importance of mobile marketing. (Found on Social Media Today.)


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How to Effectively Master Mobile Holiday Marketing on Facebook [Infographic]