by Mary G. White

Selling yourself to businesses can certainly be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether this be a boardroom-style pitch or simply a face-to-face meeting when applying for director jobs or other high-profile positions, you need to get your pitch right to create the best impression possible. This is especially true in the current economic climate when work may be thin on the ground.

Know your target market

Learn everything you can about the business with whom you wish to do business. Learn about their products and services and figure out how you can best appeal to them. Learn about their values and culture and what exactly they want in a client. Find the angle that will emphasise the positive things that a deal with you will bring.

Dress to impress

What this means can differ wildly according to the industry you’re in, but always dress appropriately and professionally.

Plan, plan, plan

You might have planned everything to the nth degree, but business people are prone to throwing curve balls into the mix that can throw off your pitch and ruin your chances of success. Make sure you know your figures and that you have everything covered adequately.


If you don’t have confidence in yourself and in your pitch, then there is little chance that seasoned professionals will have any confidence in you or your ideas. Know your strengths and emphasise them to the maximum.

Set your goals…

… and keep your goals in mind at all times. Know your price, and leave room to manoeuvre in the midst of negotiations.