Unless if you’ve been living on another planet, a deserted island or under a rock, you must be aware that the Phoenix Valley hosted the biggest party Arizona has ever seen — Super Bowl XLIX (49) – #AZSuperBowl

Everything was coming up football in Phoenix!

University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ,  was the site of Super Bowl XLiX.

Even you don’t watch football, you had to embrace it if you wanted to ride on this trend’s coattails. There are ways to look foolish and like a newbie if you don’t plan your strategy beforehand. Since the Cardinals lost in the wildcard playoff, the Phoenix Valley economy benefited because of fans from two teams will be came in.

These are some of the main websites:

Here are a few tips to take advantage of any Super Bowl buzz.


  • Use football analogies
  • Talk about teamwork
  • Football trivia
  • Offer game-day / Super Bowl party recipes, take-out or platters if your a local restaurant
  • Focus on Local – things to in and around the Phoenix Valley
  • Become ambassadors for Phoenix and local businesses
  • Google the team players and see what charities they support and write about them

Verizon’s #WosGonnaWin Twitter Campaign

You don’t have to pay to be trending on Twitter. Just be creative.

You don’t have to pay to be trending on Twitter. Just be creative. Social Media – Trending on Twitter and Google+

  • Follow the two teams and their players on Twitter or create a list with all of their accounts on it. You don’t have to follow them to add them to a list and see what their post.
  • Create a SuperBowl circle on Google+ and circle the teams as well as:
    • NFL
    • Interact with them – retweet their tweets and pictures. Especially when they arrive.
  • Use TweetDeck to monitor Twitter and HootSuite to monitor Google+
  • Take pictures of Super Bowl signs and post them on social media
  • Follow these hashtags and accounts – retweet their tweets


    Remember Oreo's genius Twitter post?

Remember Oreo’s genius Twitter post?


  • Ask people in posts who do they think is going to win – #WhosGonnaWin
  • During the games, participate on the social media sites – especially Twitter. Get the mobile apps so you have it on your tablet of phone.
  • Get Creative with your Marketing – you’re going to need a graphics person basically on speed dial who can throw together something in minutes – like Oreo did. You never know when the perfect opportunity will fall in your lap.

For instance “#WhosGonnaWin is a very generic hashtag that Verizon paid for on Twitter to run just before the playoffs. Though they’re paying to be on top of Twitter, it’s not trademarked so anyone can use it in a tweet to get in on the trend.


  • Keep it relevant to your business – even though your talking football, you have to tie into your business so that it makes sense
  • Keep it short and sweet – blog posts between 250- 500 words
  • Don’t over post or over tweet. Use HootSuite and TweetDeck to schedule posts to go out at different times of the day and especially on weekends.

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